Man as Plague + Dogma + Tigerknife - Metal Night - zaterdag 18 november 2023 - STUDIOGONZ - Cafe/Podium/Club in Gouda

zaterdag 18 november 2023

Man as Plague + Dogma + Tigerknife

Metal Night

Get ready for heavy music! Mede mogelijk gemaakt door Obliged Bookings.

  Deur open 20:00
Man as Plague + Dogma + Tigerknife

Zaal open: 20:00 uur
Deur sluit: 00:00 uur

Tickets Niet-leden: €10.00
Tickets Niet-leden VVK: €7.50

Tickets Leden: €7.50
Tickets Leden VVK: €5.00

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// Man as Plague //

Man as Plague is a ferocious Metal foursome from the Netherlands, blending Death Metal, Deathcore and Hardcore together with synths and samples into a vicious mix of brutality and melody that is sure to captivate fans of any style of Metal.

// Dogma //

DOGMA is a project that translates a plea for social justice into resilient and hard hitting music. With their first record, which will be out in june 2023, one can expect metallic hardcore aiming its arrows at systemic and institutionalised violence of all flavours and stenches. Their first single ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ is out now on all major streaming platforms.

// Tigerknife //

TIGERKNIFE is a hardcore band from the Dutch city of Rotterdam. They bring the heat with tearing riffs, screaming dissonant chords and shattering breakdowns all tied together by hard hitting vocals with relatable lyrics. Every show they give it all, filling the room with as much energy possible.

Frank – Vocals
Marcel – Guitar
Thomas – Bass
Enya – Drums

Mede mogelijk gemaakt door Obliged Bookings.

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StudioGonz, Turfsingel 36, Gouda, NL..

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