The Resoneurs - Punk Blues Garage Beat - vrijdag 30 juni 2023 - STUDIOGONZ - Cafe/Podium/Club in Gouda

vrijdag 30 juni 2023

The Resoneurs

Punk Blues Garage Beat

Dirty old men play their savage sounds straight from the garage!

The Resoneurs

Zaal open: 21:00 uur
Deur sluit: 00:00 uur

Tickets Niet-leden: €5.00
Tickets Niet-leden VVK: €3.00

Tickets Leden: €3.00
Tickets Leden VVK: €1.00

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The Resoneurs is a garage beat band from “het Groene Hart” of the Netherlands, formed in 2022. Inspired by all the beautiful music made in the sixties, by 17-year-old boys, who came out of their garage on their way to eternal fame. Feeling was more important than virtuosity. Punk rock in its purest form. The band members are all experienced musicians who have played in several other bands before joining forces to form The Resoneurs.

The Resoneurs have a raw and energetic sound, with grinding fuzz guitars, a shrill organ, throbbing bass lines and pounding drums. The lead singer's vocals are raw and powerful, adding to the intensity of the music. The sound of The Resoneurs is reminiscent of bands from the sixties such as The Sonics, Q65, The Outsiders, Them, The Kinks, Shocking Blue and many others.

This first demo was recorded and mixed by Arjan Spies, at Studio Teepdek in Rotterdam. Known from The Kryng, The Mocks, The Krontjong Devils, The Heck, Fleur and Meindert Talma. This demo contains a mix of well-known and obscure sixties covers, supplemented with one own song.

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StudioGonz, Turfsingel 36, Gouda, NL..

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