John Dorr - Ekho - donderdag 15 februari 2024 - STUDIOGONZ - Cafe/Podium/Club in Gouda

donderdag 15 februari 2024

John Dorr


Minimalistische analoge elektronica, warme golven van ruis glinsterende drones en koude industriële klanken worden verweven met trillende ingewikkelde microbeats, dichte lagen van gedurfde expressieve experimentele gitaar, uitgevoerd met een verscheidenheid aan effecten en werktuigen (elektrische scheerapparaten, vibrators, houten strijkstokken).

 Deur open 20:00
John Dorr

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*** John Dorr ***

These songs tell the story of the ever changing environments and circumstances of a musician touring Europe non stop for three years. Writing and recording in many difference countries and places, simplifying possessions and learning to create with very minimal equipment. The music is flavoured by the places and especially the people met along the way.

Musically it is a mix of guitars/ synths/ electronic beats/ classical violins, fused together to create dreamlike, cinematic pop music with a glittering darkness and delicate intensity – framing the deep and intimate voice.

John Dorr was previously involved in the band Stems, which brought a subtle mix of post-rock, classical and cinematic art rock.

*** Album: Ekho ***

An album and immersive concert based on Ovid’s Echo, with songs influenced by the parallels between the ancient myth andthe modern world of digital communication.

Minimalist analogue electronics, warm waves of noisyshimmering drones and cold industrial clangs are meshed withskittering intricatemicrobeats, dense layers of bold expressive experimental guitar, performed with a variety of effects and implements (electricrazors, vibrators, wooden bows).

Forming a textural cocoon for the deep and intimate voice, framing thesongs with a distinctive atmosphere that is simultaneously delicate and bombastic, full of glittering darkness and luminescent emotion.

A variety of instrumentsand sounds are used, including synths, glockenspiels, drum machines and samplers, tostrange toy instruments such as the Otamatone.

The guitar is mutated with wooden bows, avant garde slidetechniques and evenvibrators/ electric razors to give an effect both machine like and expressive.

John Dorr is a British born French based composer and performer. After graduating in 2012 with a BMus in classical music he created the instrumental neo classical band Stems, releasing 4 albums and a BFI funded live soundtrack for the George Melies silent film "A trip to the moon", touring Europe several times and performing over 400 concerts.

More recently he composed the soundtrack for "Between the lights" - made with support from Creative England and selected for Film London's / the BFI's London Screenings expo in June 2023.

"(Dorr) transforms hisguitar into a wall ofsound throughloopsand effects pedals" (3voor12, Netherlands).

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