Monstertone + Doghouse Gallows - Upbeat stoner rock 'n roll - vrijdag 24 januari 2014 - STUDIOGONZ - Cafe/Podium/Club in Gouda

vrijdag 24 januari 2014

Monstertone + Doghouse Gallows

Upbeat stoner rock 'n roll

Have a beer, and be sure to bring some devil horns to throw!

Monstertone + Doghouse Gallows

Zaal open: 21:00 uur
Deur sluit: 01:00 uur

Tickets Niet-leden: €6.00
Tickets Niet-leden VVK: €5.00

Tickets Leden VVK: €4.00

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Three dudes with a fetish for 70's rock 'n roll riffage,started back in 2007 to make their dream come true : start a band and rock the Hell out! They play upbeat stoner rock 'n roll inspired by AC/DC, Peter Pan Speedrock and Danko Jones. Many shows and festivals followed, through Holland, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Sweden. They have shared stages with Grand Magus, Atomic Bitchwax, Peter Pan Speedrock, Karma to Burn, Loudness, Dublin Death Patrol and many more.

Their critically acclaimed debutalbum''Thrills...Pills and Kills was released on november 1st 2010. Currently, Monstertone is working on a new album wich will be released in april-may 2014.

See them live, have a beer and be sure to bring some devil horns to throw! \m/

Doghouse Gallows

Doghouse Gallows set sail somewhere in the haze of 2008. Comprised of a crew that since then never changed with Mike Ferguson on guitar, Patrick Velis on bassguitar, George Oosthoek on drums and the throat of Jorre Jansen. Hailing from Utrecht in the Netherlands it was built from the scraps of many bands, known and unknown.

In 2009 they released their debut ‘Dodgy Deals’. Recorded in mere days it revealed the band’s none too subtle approach towards metal in heaviness and groove. The album was well received and resulted in gigs throughout the country and abroad. All the while the crew kept writing and refining their material. And slowly began steering an altogether sombre and darker course.

So was laid the keel for the second album, ‘That Which No Canvas Could Withstand’. A title harking back to the old Beaufort scale describing hurricane force. And what a stormpounded moloch it has become. This time abandoning the hasty ways of old, nearly two years were spent on writing, rewriting and subsequent recording. A sea-sickening opus of sludge metal in which the trusses creak, Aficionados of the riff, heave to.


Monstertone - Not Connecting!

Doghouse Gallows - Saint Jude of Lost and Hopeless Causes

StudioGonz, Turfsingel 36, Gouda, NL..

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