The Mad Baron + Minions of Doom - Progressieve / stoner rock - vrijdag 15 augustus 2014 - STUDIOGONZ - Cafe/Podium/Club in Gouda

vrijdag 15 augustus 2014

The Mad Baron + Minions of Doom

Progressieve / stoner rock

Een avond progressieve en stoner rock met de bands The Mad Baron en Minions of Doom

The Mad Baron + Minions of Doom

Zaal open: 21:00 uur
Deur sluit: 01:00 uur

Tickets Niet-leden: €6.00
Tickets Niet-leden VVK: €4.00

Tickets Leden VVK: €2.00

Dit event is geweest

Een heerlijke avond met progressieve rock en stoner muziek.

The Mad Baron¿

The Mad Baron is a progressive metalband from The Netherlands.

Consisting of 5 members all from different sides of the musical world. This makes up for an interesting combination, with a lot of dynamics and layers of sound. After a long search , the band finally found itself complete, and from there on out started intense 'bootcamp' rehearsals , and wrote more songs than before.

We like to go for quality - and not speed. That is why our record is not out yet. We want it to be perfect.

Minions of Doom¿

Tilburgse stonerband.

Facebook evenement:

StudioGonz, Turfsingel 36, Gouda, NL..

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